The Arch interview wAFF

We interview wAFF ahead of his gig at The Arch this weekend…

Can you tell us about your first contact with music – what kind of music you were brought up on and which artists really influenced your style?

wAFF: Well I used to be into all sorts, I used to love Bonkers and Happy Harcore when I was younger ha, I loved it. Even Gabba which is basically proper fast hard house with some crap white guy rapping a load of shite over the top of the tunes, but it was MINT!!! Loved it. But then I really got into Indie music for years, loved it and still do but that was all I used to listen to, but I used to be a trained dancer so I then got into Hip hop & R&B. The artists that influenced me had to be Luciano – Loco Dice – Tania Vulcano & Marco Carola. They are a huge impact on how my style and music taste is

And then how did that move to the place you are now – in the world of electronic music?

wAFF: I used to love listening to minimal when it first came about, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Booka Shade, Minilogue, Audion, Troy Peirce and all the stuff Luciano used to play in like 2004-2005 to name a few. And then its just went on from there, going to Ibiza massively moved me through the sounds and I just fell in love with the different genres of dance music!

Whose idea was it for you two to share production duties and collaborate [with Cuartero]? How did it all come about?

wAFF: You know what I actually don’t remember, maybe I asked Cuartero… but I can’t remember. It was in ibiza when we said to do it so we just sent a track each back and forward to each other and worked on it a bit at a time till we had what we wanted. We have another BIG track we made the same time as Break a Sweat called How We Roll which is a BOMB! It’s a massive track just nobody has picked it up yet. We’re on the look out again now for a home for it! I also have my solo EP coming out on Hot Creations on April 8th.

The current music scene is always a hot topic for discussion. The Prodigy recently made a comment about there being too much nostalgia, with people referencing a lot of ’90s or ’80s music when producing. Should people try to move forward and venture into the newness. What are your thoughts?

wAFF: Yeah I really like futuristic sounding music, not like spacey trance or anything but new unique styles and sounds that capture its own vibe. Ive never been into the retro sound with 80’ stabs n shit…nah not bothered. Its cool when its done right but I’m not into it at all. House will always be house and will always bring back old sounds through the whole existence of house, but I much prefer to keep the grooves but add something new and exciting to it.

Dirty basslines, heavy grooves and powerful vocals are your trademark tunes. Will you be diversifying with other genres of house music this year or in the near future?

wAFF: Ive got so much different styles of music ready to come out this year and onwards. I produce a lot of techno but I might do an alias for this as its completely different and really hard and fast ha so it might not work so well for wAFF – but we’ll see. But yeah theres quite a lot of music you will hear from me this year that’s different.

You both transmit pure energy with your mixes, but can you describe what makes you a winning formula?

wAFF: I couldn’t say, but I guess I just have my own style and of how I play. I like to make my sets big and full of energy and for me its important to play interesting creative tracks that have something that can really lock you into the groove! I dunno its a hard question for me to answer but you’ll bloody get your moneys worth ha!

Do you get influenced by the gigs you play when in the studio?

wAFF: No I actually don’t, well not often at all. I find it hard a lot of the time to be inspired. I find the whole experience amazing and overwhelming with the travel and timing and intensitiy of being in a club constantly, being around endless amounts of people and loud music etc… I’m usually exhausted by the end of the weekend so I just like to proper chill when I’m at home. I don’t have a studio I just use headphones and my mac thats it! So I just make music as and when I feel and not force myself, which I should do more often, as sometimes I’m lazy and just play computer games or some shit ha! But I get tons of inspiration when I go listen to other DJs and take some time out to do this. At the moment, Jamie Jones, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Joseph Capriati, Marcel Fengler & Marco Carola have been my favourites to go listen to. I get exactly what I need from any of these every time I listen to them.

What can we expect to hear from you as a team in the coming months?

wAFF: Well we’re gonna try make some more music together and get, like I said, the other track we have signed to something big… and yeah see what happens from there! But definitely expect some more 😉


The Arch presents: wAFF, Cuartero and Mark Jenkyns – Saturday 14th March 

Price: £5 before 12 / £8 after
VIP Area & Queue Jump tickets available here>

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Review of The Arch Launch party with Pan-Pot

A bite size explosion hit Brighton this weekend in the form of Underground dance music at the newly renamed nightclub The Arch.  The club, which was Digital and formerly known as The Zap, relaunched under their new name with a hugely successful night last Saturday.  Gracing the turntables were the amazing headline act from Berlin – the minimalistic techno duo – Pan-Pot.

The Arch, launched the club on Saturday on a serious note for Brighton’s future in underground dance music, and they aren’t messing around.  Providing us with a booming sonic wall hugely apparent when you enter the club, the brand new state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system did not go unnoticed. It was simply sublime.

The club was at capacity, the atmosphere was electric and many people expressed that this night far exceeded all expectations. Energetic crowds, happy faces and a pumping dance floor. Even the security guards were raving it up!

Pan-Pot delivered a sensational set of intelligent techno beats with a raw underground almost primal sound that kept the dance floor moving all night long.  We were also spoilt to Brighton’s well established local talent and movement Minimal Kids who, sure as ever, kept the music progressing to future tastes.  De Puta Madre – responsible for many of our local summer sounds – complemented the entire night with beats which the crowd euphorically embraced.  Topping it all off was a back room hosted by Brighton’s very own Code South radio station (98.5fm), providing alternative grooves to add to the buzzing party vibe.

The collaboration of the right music, sound system, people and promoters are essential for success, and with beautiful people everywhere, positive vibes all round, and rocking dance floor to match, The Arch made a clear statement of intent for a promising future for Brighton’s underground music scene.

Thanks for a great night, and we look forward to seeing you again!

You can view photos from the night here

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The Arch interview Pan-Pot

Pan-Pot get intimate with The Arch ahead of their Brighton debut on March 7th

  1. You took your name from ‘Panoramic Potentiometer’, also known as a Pan-Pot — the knob that sends a signal either left or right on a stereo. Was there a notion behind this? How did it come about? 

– Thomas: Thank you for knowing this and not asking who is ‘Pan’, and who is ‘Pot!’ 🙂

– Tassilo: Well when Thomas and I were looking for a name for our project we were sitting in the studio and had a book with technical terms next to us, which we used for our school. So when we saw that name it really made sense to us, as it’s a signal with two different ‘outlets’, which sounds best when it’s balanced correctly. Just like us.


  1. What inspired you to set up your own record label and what are your future plans with Second State? 

– Tassilo: Second State is our home base, where can do what we want and with the people who we like and who we want to develop and support. It’s not only a record label but also a platform for events, fashion and our idea of a Techno lifestyle in general.

– Thomas: With the label we are surrounded by a lot friends and great artists, who constantly speak with each other and support each other. Everybody has his own strength and so it’s great to see that we can help each other. Clint Stewart for example is not only a great producer; he is the best person to put the feeling of a track into words so he became the responsible person for our press-texts also.


  1. Hub One being the latest release on Second State is focused on bringing collaborations between your label artists. Is this a formula that you are looking to carry through? Can you give us an insight of what else will be coming from the Second State HQ? What would be your dream collaboration?

– Tassilo: The Hub series is something that we started because when we do music together we always have great results. The concept is that the release will be focused on one artist, who does collaborations with the others. So with this first one Stephan Hinz did one track with Clint Stewart, one with Philipp Ruhmhardt and another one with us. We want to do this from time to time spread out through the year(s).

– Thomas: The next big project on Second State will be our album, which we are looking forward to release this year. It was very exiting to work on this and of course there are also some collaborations. There is more to tell very soon.


  1. Brighton’s launch of The Arch is concentrating on the music, an incredible state-of-the-art sound system and an injection of underground movement back into the city. What dark, delectable sounds are you going to showcase? Can you give us your top 3 dance floor destroyers?

– Thomas:  Acid & Chord (Original Mix) – The Welderz

Kill Switch (Original Mix) – Harvey McKay

Hak – Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt