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This Saturday, we invite you to join us for yet another massive night at The Arch! We have Sidney Charles, Darius Syrossian & Santé on their Road To Ibiza Tour. Ahead of the big night, we caught up with them to pick their brains on all things music, DJing and tour antics.


So The Road to Ibiza Tour is well underway, and we are excited to have you play at The Arch this Saturday! Do you have any funny memories from the tour so far?

Sidney: Hahaha yes a lot! The whole tour makes [me] laugh so much. I have the impression that Darius, Santé and I have a similar humour. I can’t really tell any details but we are definitely laughing a lot 😀

Santé: Great long DJ Sets with my bro’s, no sleep and massive fun!

Do you find that going B2B with each other inspires you to push the boundaries of your DJing skills, or allows you to be more creative in a collaborative way?

Sidney: Yes you could say so. i think the main thing about the b2b is also to be more spontaneous and react to each other with more care for the set…maybe i have a track in mind i want to play already for 4 tracks but sante and darius played something similar already than id rather put myself in the background and play something more toolish and weird to get more spice into the set.

Santé: We know each other quite good so it´s pretty easy for us to play long B2B´s.

What can we expect from your set this weekend?

Sidney: You can expect some pumping grooves and also a lot of unheard tracks.

Santé: Banging underground house music!

Sidney CharlesWhat are your top 3 favourite tunes at the moment

Roy Davis Jr. – Im Hungry (DJ Duke Edit)
Solimano – Factor H (Solimano Tool Remix)
Marquiks Hawks – Peanuts

Solimano – Factor H (Solimano Tool Remix)


Going waaay back to the start of it all, what got you into DJing and how did you discover House music?

Sidney: In 2008 I finished school and I was also forced to stop making sport as i had a really bad injury. So i stated to focus even more into djing and production. One of my mothers DJ friends wanted to get rid of his vinyls which include mainly house and funk records. I bought them all. Before I thought house is a very commercial genre and you can only hear it in posh clubs. The collection of my mothers friend were quiet old. Lots of White Lables, Strictly Rhythm, Traxx Records and so on. I loved the grooves and the bass sounds they used. After this I got more interested and I wanted to get deeper into House & Techno.

But Even when i began DJing with about 16 years i was more attracted to the roots of certain styles of music. Back then especially hip hop and r&b had a lot of their roots in funk & soul and sometimes also disco. From there you can also easily get into house music which has got a lot of parallels in the past with the mentioned styles. In general I found that mostly modern music is very hype orientated and it gets kind of cheesy to get more into the commercial area. I’m simply not a fan of that and so my love for the roots of certain styles have always been a part of my inspirational energy. I would not say that all modern music is like that. Of course not. But the characteristics that can describe my feeling that belongs to the classical styles is always more authentic and somehow truthful.

What inspires you to produce the sound that you have created?

Sidney: I always get my inspiration from all kind of sources in my surrounding: environment, friends, conversations, emotions, movies, other kinds of art. Berlin takes a big part in this role as it gives heaps of creative energy. Something that i can definitely say is that i sample much less music. In the beginning where my knowledge about production was not as far as it is now i tent to sample more from older tracks. Nowadays I’m more familiar with more kinds of productions software and hardware: But i think this is a normal development that a lot of artists went trough.

Being a DJ that is also into vinyl, what is your view on the progression of DJing into the world of Digital DJing?

Sidney: I’m never a friend of taking an extreme side to a topic. Especially with the new technologies. A lot of people in the scene behave like “racists” to people who do it differently to them. I think the technology nowadays is great and it gives everyone its own possibility to create their own specific way of performing. I prefer two CDJ’s, a mixer and 2 turntables because for me personally this how I can have the most fun in performing and be happy behind the decks. If others have the same feeling with a laptop then I don’t mind.

Do you have any upcoming releases for this year?

Sidney: Yes, I have quiet a lot coming out…There will be a release on Drumcode and as well Truesoul which also belongs to Adam Beyer. I was experimenting a lot with harder and darker sounds lately and seems like it worked out. There will also be a follow-up on Hot Creations together with my bro Santé. I’ve also remixed Basement Jaxx. This will go more back to my roots of classic house.


sante1  Santé, you released your album “Current” last year, an album full of musical crossovers. What inspired you to make such a diverse album?

Santé: I wanted to show a bit of diversity in my productions, also wanted to create a long player which you can listen to from start to end.

Do you have any favourites on the album?

Santé: At the moment it´s ‘Awake feat. J.U.D.G.E’ it´s still one of my favourite tracks on the album.


What sparked your love for DJing and producing?

Santé: The creativity in electronic music is fantastic, as a producer you have so much freedom! It’s totally different from other music where you have to stick to certain musical rules.

What is your all time favourite track?

Santé: It’s hard to say, I think it´s “This Must Be The Place” – The Talking Heads.

And are there any tracks that have really caught your attention in the past year?

Santé: There are so many but one outstanding track is ‘Cave Rave’ from my bro Sidney Charles.


So I think it’s safe to say we not only have a lot to look forward to on Saturday but also that these guys have more exciting things planned for us all! They are a perfect reflection of what House music is today, and they’re consistently evolving and shaping their sound; never doing what’s expected and always doing it for the love of the music. And that is what House music is about.  _uploads_2015_02_The-Arch-Favicon-Red1

Tickets are still on sale for The Road To Ibiza at The Arch this Saturday 2nd May.




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