The Arch Interview: Darren Emerson, talking Detone, Born Slippy & Art Department – The Arch Brighton

Darren Emerson’s techno label started their bi-monthly residencies at The Arch in Brighton in October last year. Setting a high bar so far with Drumcode’s Alan Fitzpatrick and techno Jedi James Zabiela, next Saturday on the 25th of February, Detone host No.19 Music main man Art Department. We caught up with Detone label owner and host Darren Emerson to find out a bit more about him, his music and what we can expect next week:

What should people know about Darren Emerson – producer and DJ ?

I started mixing Electro /Hip Hop records at the age of about 14, and by 16 I was DJing and playing Chicago House – Acid and Detroit Techno at local clubs in Essex. From then I started getting gigs in London and UK venues.

I joined Underworld in 1990 after a introduction to Rick & Karl. I was with them for 10yrs and in that time we had great chart success with the 3 albums and many singles over that 10 year period.

In 1994 when I was still in Underworld, I started my own label Underwater. Underwater became a great success over the years also making great parties around the world and having a Pacha residency in Ibiza for 4 years.

After splitting with the boys in 2000 I released compilations on Global Underground and Detone launched in 2012.

The music that Underworld released before and then during your time with them differed quite a bit. Can you tell us a bit about what you brought to the table for tracks like the iconic ‘Born Slippy’ which has once again featured in the Danny Boyle films Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2?

Groove. Dance beats and groove, that was my main thing. Those two guys are very talented musicians, but maybe it was a little bit of a dance music groove they were missing. When I DJ I like to wiggle my arse a little bit, especially with some of the Detroit stuff. Even though there’s a lot of energy there, I still like to have a bit of a shuffle to it.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

Well recently I’ve released ‘Fanfare’ a collaboration with John Digweed & Nick Muir on Bedrock and a remix of Matador’s ‘The Resort’ on Ruckus. In 2017 I’ll be releasing a number of tracks on Carl Cox’s label Intec Digital, Eats Everything’s Edible label and more Detone releases. We’ve also got the much anticipated launch of my new label The White Lamp, first release will be ‘Harmony’ with a great remix from Maxxi Soundsytem.

What’s special about The Arch as a venue? Why did you choose Brighton over an event in London?

I really like the intimacy of the club. We deliberately sacrificed ticket sales to ensure that we are DJ’ing right down on the stage with the audience so that we are part of the night. The Funktion One soundsystem is one of the best in the UK which makes techno sound so much better.

Is Detone all about Techno? What can we expect from your set next week? Can you share with us your current top 3 tracks for the dancefloor?

I wouldn’t say that Detone is all about techno as just like the label it’s about good quality dance music. Of course I play techno but it doesn’t mean to say I won’t play a good solid house track every now and again.


You can catch Darren Emerson with Art Department & Enzo Siffredi under the Arch at Detone, this Saturday. Get your tickets here

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