The Arch interview Pan-Pot

Pan-Pot get intimate with The Arch ahead of their Brighton debut on March 7th

  1. You took your name from ‘Panoramic Potentiometer’, also known as a Pan-Pot — the knob that sends a signal either left or right on a stereo. Was there a notion behind this? How did it come about? 

– Thomas: Thank you for knowing this and not asking who is ‘Pan’, and who is ‘Pot!’ 🙂

– Tassilo: Well when Thomas and I were looking for a name for our project we were sitting in the studio and had a book with technical terms next to us, which we used for our school. So when we saw that name it really made sense to us, as it’s a signal with two different ‘outlets’, which sounds best when it’s balanced correctly. Just like us.


  1. What inspired you to set up your own record label and what are your future plans with Second State? 

– Tassilo: Second State is our home base, where can do what we want and with the people who we like and who we want to develop and support. It’s not only a record label but also a platform for events, fashion and our idea of a Techno lifestyle in general.

– Thomas: With the label we are surrounded by a lot friends and great artists, who constantly speak with each other and support each other. Everybody has his own strength and so it’s great to see that we can help each other. Clint Stewart for example is not only a great producer; he is the best person to put the feeling of a track into words so he became the responsible person for our press-texts also.


  1. Hub One being the latest release on Second State is focused on bringing collaborations between your label artists. Is this a formula that you are looking to carry through? Can you give us an insight of what else will be coming from the Second State HQ? What would be your dream collaboration?

– Tassilo: The Hub series is something that we started because when we do music together we always have great results. The concept is that the release will be focused on one artist, who does collaborations with the others. So with this first one Stephan Hinz did one track with Clint Stewart, one with Philipp Ruhmhardt and another one with us. We want to do this from time to time spread out through the year(s).

– Thomas: The next big project on Second State will be our album, which we are looking forward to release this year. It was very exiting to work on this and of course there are also some collaborations. There is more to tell very soon.


  1. Brighton’s launch of The Arch is concentrating on the music, an incredible state-of-the-art sound system and an injection of underground movement back into the city. What dark, delectable sounds are you going to showcase? Can you give us your top 3 dance floor destroyers?

– Thomas:  Acid & Chord (Original Mix) – The Welderz

Kill Switch (Original Mix) – Harvey McKay

Hak – Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt

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