The Prototypes touch base on the debut of their new event ‘Shockwave’

The Prototypes kickstart their new event “Shockwave” at The Arch May 3rd, bringing a new series of events with only the best producers, DJ’s & MC’s “Future Bass Music” has to offer. Period.

We caught up with The Prototypes ahead of their launch. Joining them this Friday will be legends DJ Guv and Danny Byrd, along side Glitch City, Evil B & 2SHY, Carasel and IC3.

So what is the concept behind your new Shockwave events?

The Prototypes: “Its a new event to showcase just straight up party bass music – Although the first one is D&B we won’t just be sticking to one genre – Its purely for upfront party heads!

We are going to be touring it around the UK this year for sure & maybe we will take it to festivals in 2020″

What are you most excited for the crowd to experience or hear at the debut show on Friday 3rd May?

The Prototypes: “Well we have been working on loads of new music so excited to play that out for the first time & we’ve never booked Danny Byrd or DJ Guv before so really excited to hear what fire they are gonna bring”

Why did you choose to debut Shockwave at The Arch?

The Prototypes: “You know its got the best sound system in Brighton right? Its always a total fucking vibe in there & whenever we touch down in there its always extra hyped!!!!”

One act/artist you are enjoying the most that’s coming through the scene right now?

The Prototypes: “Night Shift is killing it – his new single on Get Hype is HUGE!!!!

Also really excited about a new guy called AC13 – Also has some fire coming on Get Hype”

What’s your favourite track to play out in your sets right now?

The Prototypes: “Well more than one but “Pendulum – Blood Sugar The Prototypes Remix” – It had to be that man – & also “AC13 – Zimmerframe Killah” & “Night Shift – More Than Human”

If you had three top tips for up and comers in drum & bass, what would they be?

1. “Just do what you do – don’t follow the crowd as its important to sound unique – Far to many people copying each other at the moment”

2. “Learn the art of DJ’ing and study the history of the scene you are trying to be part of – it helps – trust me”

3. “STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO – When we started out we lived in the thing. Massively important.”

The Prototypes launch ‘Shockwave’ May 3rd, joining them will be DJ Guv, Danny Byrd, Glitch City, Evil B & 2SHY, Carasel, IC3 and more.

Limited tickets available:

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